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Saturday, July 15th, 2006
1:01 pm
Go Figure..
I found this article here...


No wonder there are crying kids everywhere nowadays with autism band other sensory-related issues being on the increase! Something must be done to make malls and other public places more autistic/sensory friendly, not just for the kids but us poor sods who have to hear them!
Monday, July 3rd, 2006
12:41 am
Parent of an autistic child
I sincerely hope it is okay to post here as the parent of a child diagnosed with autism. His mother and I seperated soon after he turned one. While his mother was having an affair, I was bonding with my son and we were learning about the world together. Well soon after the divorce, we were still able to maintain a bonding relationship. Year after year, that time was been taken away and now his mother is saying spending the night with his father a mere 4 nights a month is too much instability for this newly turned 4 year old boy who loves his father.

I am deeply concerned for my child and believe he needs both parents love and bonding. Read more...Collapse )
My plea here is this. Can we get a reliable second evaluation or opinion? I'm not ashamed of the diagnosis if it fits, but I honeslty think that my ex inflated mild emotional adjustments and her words were used to conjure the spectrum autism diagnosis.

My attorney and I are going to request a court ordered second eval that I will be included in. His behvaior with me is just as important.
Thursday, March 16th, 2006
3:00 pm

This is a new website with authoritative ratings and detailed reviews on toys for kids with special needs. It's run by the National Lekotek Center and is very helpful. Most of the toys have links to purchase toys online. Otherwise, you can print out the review and find the toys in stores or online on your own.

Let your friends and therapists know about this website. There's a helluva of information there, including play ideas etc, and it's a great way to ensure your kid will get a fun toy that they can both use and learn from on their birthday or whenever.


Example rating...
Thursday, February 23rd, 2006
6:59 am
Aspie-Friendly Church...
It makes me kind of sad that my best friend hardly ever goes to church anymore, but I don't blame her and here's why...

SHe's always having to get up and change seats because there's always someone near her chewing gum. And out in the hallways after church people are always hanging around and socializing, which wouldn't be so bad except that the foyer is an accoustic nightmare where everything echoes. I know because I used to go there. And it never fails that there's always a screaming baby around. This in itself is bad enough but in that echoing hallway it's ten times worse.

They DO have a smaller chapel off to the side. If I were in charge of the church, I would want to use it for separate services where babies and gum-chewing are not allowed. There has to be a place where people with sensory issues can learn and worship, without so many annoying distractions, even if it's a separate room in the same building.

Sensory issues are a real problem but nobody seems to address them. They think it's all in our mind and/or it can be cured. Heck, we have ramps and elevators for people who need to use wheelchairs. Why not a quieter envionment for people with sound sensitivities.
Thursday, January 5th, 2006
9:46 pm
Ultimate Peaceful Holiday...!!!!
My husband and I want to go on a second honeympoon or at least a darned good vacation one of these days, and I suffer from sensory issues and desperately want to go somewhere that's KAAAAA-WYYYYYYYY-AAAAAAAAATTTT!!! This means no pushy crowds, wild parties or screaming babies. Seriously, is there such a place? If so, where?

A. If money were no object
B. If such a place exists for folks like us who are on a budget that's tighter than a condom on a watermelon!

Cross-posted to sensedefence, ask_me_anything and asperger as well as a_s_c_o_t and asd_travel
Wednesday, January 4th, 2006
10:25 am
Apartment Complex
The dorm room.

(click on picture to enlarge).

By the way, it's not quite large enough in N-S dimension. So I'd probably add about 5 feet.

About the dinette dishwasher. The dinette dishwasher will be small so that the dinette will have "leg space" underneathe. the dishwasher also functions as dish storage.

Also, there will be a microwave and single stove top by the mini fridge.

The verticle recycling chute will have several holes

--head level here.
---waist level here--
like so. ie: polyeurethane(foam), plastic, paper/wood/cloth, food scrap, glass, aluminum, cans, biowaste, and chemicals/underpressure. (that's 6 - 9 depending on how some recyclers combine)

*Another idea might be to use all sliding doors with soft edges/cushions on the edge to avoid finger jamming.
Thursday, December 22nd, 2005
9:41 am
Prototype for an Aspie-Friendly Classroom
After several rough days in school where I've left to go home early due to sensory overload, I got thinking about what the ideal Aspie-Friendly classroom would be like. One that's suitable to my needs anyway. I am personally appalled by our school's lack of a Quiet Room to go to when you're feeling overwhelmed. Even though the guidance counsellors at our school have been very nice and sympathetic (TOTALLY UNLIKE MARGOT who is another story completley from my college days) I felt kind of stigmatized having to be led to one of their offices everytime I was upset. There was nowhere private to go. The ladies' washroom s all the way at the other end of the hall and I felt like the whole school could hear me crying in there because everything echoes. Yesterday, on our last day I finally did manage to find a cleverly hidden staff washroom where I could retreat, but not for very long until someone needed to use it.

The idea of individual soundproof cubicles came to me when I found myself becomeing irritated with the noise of other students on either side of me, talking to eachother, chewing gum, etc. Especially when I'm overtired and suffering from information overload it feels like every little noise gets louder and louder, closing in on me like swords in a magician's cabinet, except I'm just that little bit too fat and keep getting poked by them!

A. Individual soundproof  computer rooms

B. Large boardroom-type table for lessons and group discussions

C. Teacher's Desk

D. Quiet Rooms

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Wednesday, December 14th, 2005
7:35 pm
Here's one for you: In the ideal school environment, testing is customized to fit the (reasonable)needs of the student, how would you prefer to be tested?

Personally I rather not be tested at all unless I knew exactly what would be on it and in short answer/ essay form. I don't test well because of the uncertainity aspect to it and often professors are NOT predictable :( The ideal solution for me would be a complex project that requires synthesis of all material required. I always loved the science fair and class projects.

*edited for clarity*
Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
6:12 pm
Quiet rooms
Hello all! I'd like to take this time to elaborate on my ideas for quiet rooms.

In this hypothetical Spectrum-friendly community, I'd like to see Quiet Rooms, well, everywhere. A few weeks ago I went out to see my favourite band - I had a migraine, which, on top of sensory issues, is not fun. I ended up leaving early - if the theatre had had a Quiet Room where I could have lain down until the concert started, I probably would have been a lot better by the time they were on. So... Quiet Rooms should be mandatory for all theatres, cinemas, clubs... public places in general.

Classrooms? Obviously a huge help. I used to fake being sick just so I could go lie down in the sick bay when I was feeling overwhelmed. A dedicated Quiet Room would have helped a lot.

And finally, every house would have somewhere for themselves. At the moment, I have a large cupboard (that, by some fluke, has a small window in it!). I've sectioned off the unused part, put my stereo in there (no mean feat!) and added a chair, and it's my (extremely) little sanctuary. Maybe a more, um, dedicated Quiet Room would help, though?

Questiont time! If you were to have a room where you could retreat to when sensory overload got too much, what features would it have? (Mine would be that it was cool in summer and warm in winter, have a soft couch for sitting or lying down, books, gentle - and very adjustable - lighting and speakers for music. And it'd be SOUND PROOF.)
Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
9:44 am
As Aspie-Friendly classroom would be as follows…

1. Classes taught in a lively, roundtable discussion format with students being encouraged to actively participate and brainstorm ideas while the teacher writes them down on the board and asks them questions. They, too are encouraged to ask questions.

2. Opportunities for students to learn at their own pace and take practice tests whenever possible. I like the computer quiz format of the tests we’re doing in our classes, unfortunately, they don’t show which answers are right or wrong.

3. Classrooms are kept relatively small, about 12 to 15 students maximum.

4. Students are encouraged to learn everything they can and do projects/presentations about their favorite subjects rather than discouraged.

5. Creativity and individuality is accepted and encouraged rather than stifled.

6. ZERO tolerance on bullying. Bullies will be appropriately punished and victims understood and treated with respect, not like it’s their own fault. None of this “They wouldn’t tease you so much if you tried to fit in more” bullshit. I was often teased about my weight and the school nurse tried to put me on a diet. Losing weight does NOT make the teasing stop because bullies will only find something else to tease about, such as my voice, glasses, reputation that I was never allowed to live down. In fact there were even some who’d say things like “How many tons did you lose?” and “No matter how much weight you lose you’ll still always be the laughingstock of the school!”

7. A Quiet Room where students can go if they are feeling stressed or overwhelmed!

8. No florescent lights. I’ve never had a problem with them but other students with AS, ADD or other sensory issues have been known to be driven to distraction by their irritating buzz.

9. A microphone/speaker system that makes the teachers voice just that much louder than anything else in the classroom so students aren’t as distracted by other sounds in the classroom. This has proven to be beneficial to both AS and NT students.

If anyone else has other ideas, please feel free to post them in your comments!
Thursday, December 1st, 2005
3:31 am
Aspie Sims?
I just came across this article in asperger about this game called "Brigadoon"...

Friday, November 25th, 2005
8:03 am
Introductory Post!
Welcome to...

Autistic Spectrum Community of Tomorrow

I've been entertaining this idea for quite some time. Back when I was in sixth grade, before I even knew there was such a thing as Asperger's Syndrome, our class watched a movie called "Free to Be You and Me" and this movie included a curriculum of classroom activities with various projects. One of them was to build a model of your ideal place. Years have gone by since then and my friends and I have often brainstormed ideas about our kind of ideal community. "Sometimes I wish we all could just pack up and live in the woods and get some compassionate NT to go into town and do our shopping for us!" laments one of my friends. And I agree. There have been many times that sensory issues have made the idea of shopping for me almost akin to going off to war as the world keeps getting noisier and more hectic. I despise and desperately try to avoid doctors offices because of my sensory issues.

But here we can share our ideas about what kind of things create a more "Aspie-Friendly" world. I've done a lot of thinking, living and learning about what kind of teaching methods and conditions would be used in schools to accomodate our learning styles. This is just one of many examples.

I realize this first post may be kind of sketchy and convoluted as several thoughts trying to simultaneously fight their way through a major bottleneck between my brain and fingertips, making this something of a tiring process, so I will post more later, in more easily digestible fragments when the time comes and encourage others to brainstorm ideas in the meantime.

I'd love to hear more about the kind of schooling experiences you believe you'd benefit from, the kind of environmient you'd like to live, work, shop in, etc. and feel free to share pictures and ideas about the kind of salubrious biosphere we'd all like to create....

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