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Introductory Post!

Welcome to...

Autistic Spectrum Community of Tomorrow

I've been entertaining this idea for quite some time. Back when I was in sixth grade, before I even knew there was such a thing as Asperger's Syndrome, our class watched a movie called "Free to Be You and Me" and this movie included a curriculum of classroom activities with various projects. One of them was to build a model of your ideal place. Years have gone by since then and my friends and I have often brainstormed ideas about our kind of ideal community. "Sometimes I wish we all could just pack up and live in the woods and get some compassionate NT to go into town and do our shopping for us!" laments one of my friends. And I agree. There have been many times that sensory issues have made the idea of shopping for me almost akin to going off to war as the world keeps getting noisier and more hectic. I despise and desperately try to avoid doctors offices because of my sensory issues.

But here we can share our ideas about what kind of things create a more "Aspie-Friendly" world. I've done a lot of thinking, living and learning about what kind of teaching methods and conditions would be used in schools to accomodate our learning styles. This is just one of many examples.

I realize this first post may be kind of sketchy and convoluted as several thoughts trying to simultaneously fight their way through a major bottleneck between my brain and fingertips, making this something of a tiring process, so I will post more later, in more easily digestible fragments when the time comes and encourage others to brainstorm ideas in the meantime.

I'd love to hear more about the kind of schooling experiences you believe you'd benefit from, the kind of environmient you'd like to live, work, shop in, etc. and feel free to share pictures and ideas about the kind of salubrious biosphere we'd all like to create....
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