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a_s_c_o_t's Journal

Autistic Spectrum Community of Tomorrow
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Autistic Spectrum Community of Tomorrow

Many times my friends and I have discussed the idea of a virtual bioshpehre, the kind of environment in which we, as Aspies, autistics and other people with sensory issues would like to live. In this community we will brainstorm and share ideas using a variety of mediums including visual artwork, crative writing, lists, anything to get our ideas across about ideal living conditions in which we would thrive.

I may not know much about politics, but I like to think that I know what people would want if money were no object in terms of where we'd like to live, what kind of jobs we'd be comfortable with and what kind of leisure activities we enjoy, as well as things such as educational resources geared towards our learning styles and sensory issues.

Welcome, one and all and let us let our posts and pictures do the talking as we share ideas on how to create a peaceful and salubrious environment in which we can happily thrive....