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Prototype for an Aspie-Friendly Classroom

After several rough days in school where I've left to go home early due to sensory overload, I got thinking about what the ideal Aspie-Friendly classroom would be like. One that's suitable to my needs anyway. I am personally appalled by our school's lack of a Quiet Room to go to when you're feeling overwhelmed. Even though the guidance counsellors at our school have been very nice and sympathetic (TOTALLY UNLIKE MARGOT who is another story completley from my college days) I felt kind of stigmatized having to be led to one of their offices everytime I was upset. There was nowhere private to go. The ladies' washroom s all the way at the other end of the hall and I felt like the whole school could hear me crying in there because everything echoes. Yesterday, on our last day I finally did manage to find a cleverly hidden staff washroom where I could retreat, but not for very long until someone needed to use it.

The idea of individual soundproof cubicles came to me when I found myself becomeing irritated with the noise of other students on either side of me, talking to eachother, chewing gum, etc. Especially when I'm overtired and suffering from information overload it feels like every little noise gets louder and louder, closing in on me like swords in a magician's cabinet, except I'm just that little bit too fat and keep getting poked by them!

A. Individual soundproof  computer rooms

B. Large boardroom-type table for lessons and group discussions

C. Teacher's Desk

D. Quiet Rooms

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I am a teacher of kids with autism. I've worked with kids on the more mild end and currently I am working with kids who are very handicapped by the autism.

I really like the ideas you have suggested. Where are you in school? Ia m jsut very curious about your ideas. When I worked with kids in the regular classroom, I did everything I could to accomodate to them.

Right now, all of my kids work in cubicles. We do group activities at one table. We do circle time in another area.

I just wanted to say hi.

Actually I just finished a three week adult class in computers at A.E. Lovell public school in Oshawa, in an attempte to get my IC3 certificate. I still haven't passed any of my exams but I have until the end of the month to do so on Fridays at the business school at the mall. That classroom is EVEN LESS aspie-friendly as it is part of an open-concept separated by a lame accordianized folding wall. We had a class there once and the sound of the teacher's voice in the next room nearly drove me crazy!! X-#

That's the thing. There are plenty of classes for children for special needs, but nobody really seems to care about ADULT's issues! We're supposed to brave it all and pretend to be normal! X-#