lordalfredhenry (lordalfredhenry) wrote in a_s_c_o_t,

Apartment Complex

The dorm room.

(click on picture to enlarge).

By the way, it's not quite large enough in N-S dimension. So I'd probably add about 5 feet.

About the dinette dishwasher. The dinette dishwasher will be small so that the dinette will have "leg space" underneathe. the dishwasher also functions as dish storage.

Also, there will be a microwave and single stove top by the mini fridge.

The verticle recycling chute will have several holes

--head level here.
---waist level here--
like so. ie: polyeurethane(foam), plastic, paper/wood/cloth, food scrap, glass, aluminum, cans, biowaste, and chemicals/underpressure. (that's 6 - 9 depending on how some recyclers combine)

*Another idea might be to use all sliding doors with soft edges/cushions on the edge to avoid finger jamming.
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Only a stand-up shower? My ideal apartment would have to have a decent-sized bathtub with plenty of hot water as a good soak is one of my ultimate refuges when I feel stressed.

I love the beanbag chairs though! :)
Well, to save on water...

Anyhow, there will be a nice "spa" facility. There will be jacuzzis and you can reserve a private one in a common area. This is for a research "campus" kind of thing. Few dorms I've been in had baths although I do appreciate your thoughts. You "could" perhaps upgrade to a kind of "suite" dorm? ;)

There might be bathtubs (with bars) for those who need that too. Also, there are a few autistics I know for whom a bath might represent a kind of danger. Perhaps no need to ask there, it's more a rare/isolated thing. (water that drains is much safer)

I'm ones of those that is safer in a shower but our dorms do have decent sized bathtubs