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As Aspie-Friendly classroom would be as follows…

1. Classes taught in a lively, roundtable discussion format with students being encouraged to actively participate and brainstorm ideas while the teacher writes them down on the board and asks them questions. They, too are encouraged to ask questions.

2. Opportunities for students to learn at their own pace and take practice tests whenever possible. I like the computer quiz format of the tests we’re doing in our classes, unfortunately, they don’t show which answers are right or wrong.

3. Classrooms are kept relatively small, about 12 to 15 students maximum.

4. Students are encouraged to learn everything they can and do projects/presentations about their favorite subjects rather than discouraged.

5. Creativity and individuality is accepted and encouraged rather than stifled.

6. ZERO tolerance on bullying. Bullies will be appropriately punished and victims understood and treated with respect, not like it’s their own fault. None of this “They wouldn’t tease you so much if you tried to fit in more” bullshit. I was often teased about my weight and the school nurse tried to put me on a diet. Losing weight does NOT make the teasing stop because bullies will only find something else to tease about, such as my voice, glasses, reputation that I was never allowed to live down. In fact there were even some who’d say things like “How many tons did you lose?” and “No matter how much weight you lose you’ll still always be the laughingstock of the school!”

7. A Quiet Room where students can go if they are feeling stressed or overwhelmed!

8. No florescent lights. I’ve never had a problem with them but other students with AS, ADD or other sensory issues have been known to be driven to distraction by their irritating buzz.

9. A microphone/speaker system that makes the teachers voice just that much louder than anything else in the classroom so students aren’t as distracted by other sounds in the classroom. This has proven to be beneficial to both AS and NT students.

If anyone else has other ideas, please feel free to post them in your comments!
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